Less work in the "I don't have another second of my day to sit down and research what the heck is wrong with my crops" kind of work. The Amish Farmer John Kempf is educating his community of farmers in a simple lesson, if the soil is healthy and well balanced, that plants will have what they need to withstand stressors from disease and fungus. YES! This is at the core of what we believe at Deep Roots Farm. That is why no man made chemicals are ever used on our farm. No way, not a chance. We know that what we do isn't a perfect science, but we also know that there will be failures and losses. We do what we can to make sure our soil is healthy, giving plants the best chance at survival and in return we reap the reward of fresh, healthy, nutrient dense, delicious food in the end. Give some love to The Atlantic article about Kempf here.

Kempf runs an educational website called 'Advancing Eco Agriculture' and it has a lot of information about the basics. I see that this farmer has a bright future leading the way towards better farming.