Welcome to our farmer brained database for information you need to know for planning your farm or garden. We are an urban farm based in Moscow, ID. We have run our small acreage farm for five years with no debt, turned a profit the first season and supported two farmers full-time (that's us!). We direct market diverse vegetables grown without chemicals or fertilizers (Certified Naturally Grown), create and produce value-added products from items that we grow, and give workshops and provide consulting services to other young farmers and food advocates. 

This page is an evolution. We hope you find some things here that help you and or someone you know start a small farm for profit. We will soon have resources for sale that can help jumpstart the planning process. 

Hoop House Construction + Help

We've built several styles of hoop house and can rattle off the pros and cons of each style. Round or square metal arches? Gothic or quonset style? Cattle panels? Roll up or down sides? HEATING?! Want to just HIRE these farmers to build one for you? Keep reading.

We can help. Give us a jingle and we can answer many of your questions over the phone and we are happy to travel to your farm for some real time advice. How else do farmers get to travel?! We love talking with fellow farmers, aspiring to experienced. Its the community we cultivate (he he) that will support us when we're down and give a big "Cheers!" when we make it through another season. 

free 30 minute consultation over the phone. 

Below is a 30 minute presentation we gave at the ICSA symposium on November 19th, 2014. Keynote speakers at the symposium included Joel Salatin and Gabe Brown, both inspirational and dedicated farmers.

Want to know how to price that dozen eggs for sale? Want to see if your chicken habit is a hobby or a business? This downloadable spreadsheet will answer your questions about your chicken operation and making a profit. When you buy this item you will also gain exclusive access to us, the farmers at Deep Roots Farm, for a live chat to answer your questions about enterprise budgets & planning for profit. Follow the link below for more information and as always, we are available for your questions.

Interested in having us speak at your event? Please contact us for more information. We ask that travel expenses are paid along with a stipend to cover time away from our farm. We are happy to work with you in creating a payment that works for both parties. 

Some of our favorite resources are books on farming topics. While there are literally thousands of books about all kinds of farming, here are our top picks (if you click through to Amazon, your purchase will help support our farm, but we HIGHLY recommend patronizing your local, independent bookstore!)

Marci in the field 2014. University of Idaho photo.

L-R: Greg Freistadt, Marci Miller, Ella, Aven + Isaak Julye

L-R: Greg Freistadt, Marci Miller, Ella, Aven + Isaak Julye