Come Learn with us

Next workshop: SOLD OUT Garden Planning Basics | March 9th [9am-12pm]

@1912 Center 3rd Street Moscow

We are so excited that you are interested in learning to grow your own garden. No matter its size, starting with a plan is the best way to have success and be eating from your garden year-round.

In this first workshop you’ll learn how to create your garden plan, when to plant for continued harvests, and what considerations should you make when planning your garden.

Come with a rough sketch of your current garden, the footprint at least. A drawing with the landscape (trees, shrubs, structures) that may shade your garden at different times of the day. You will leave with a much more comprehensive garden map and plan for 2019! This plan will also help you generally determine how much seed you’ll need to buy, how many plants you’ll need to purchase and how you will plan for watering. We’ll talk about compost and prepping your garden for planting. We’ll send you home with a few of our favorite plant varieties!

The workshop is $35 per household. Having your kids involved in the planning is fun! Bring the family to dream up your garden together. Or bring your self and a friend for a fun afternoon of creative endeavor.